10 Must-Have Tools for Your E-Commerce Business

There are many useful tools, software & plugins to start, manage & scale your e-commerce business. In this article we are going to know about them. and the most interesting thing is, you can use all the systems mostly for free that are discussed below. Knowing which help saving time and hassle and which are a waste of it is difficult. There are several ecommerce tools you need to keep in mind. There are simply too many tools choose from, which is why there are compiled this list of ecommerce tools. Before you spend a fortune trying everything there is, find out what’s worth your time and money, and what’s not. Combined with a smart marketing strategy, the right tools and ecommerce marketing tips can grow your online store.

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” -Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon.com

  1. E-Commerce Functionality Plugin: There are multiple platforms to make your online store. But, it is confusing to decide what is the best for you. Here is an Article from where you can easily decide your potentiality. If you are using wordpress then WooCommerce is the one-stop Solution. Woocommerce is an all in one ecommerce plugin that you must have & it is very easy to configure. If you are using Shopify then you do not need another app for this ecommerce selling channel. These are not the only solutions to build or scale your business, but also you need to convert you customer to take your service or product.
  2. Purchase Conversion Set up: You need to convert you customer to take your services or products, that is called purchase conversions. To set it up you need yo learn about Facebook ads, Google ads etc. The two important tools are- Facebook Business & Google Ads. From there you can reach your target, plan your future & scale your business. This two platforms are the vital & key of your ecommerce business, without then running your business is meaningless.
  3. Customer Service Providing Tool: Your selling channel is ready & you are generating sales, but now you need to provide support your engaging customers, engaged customers & existing customers. Provide them a good & easy to use contact system. Two important & free supporting tools are WhatsApp Business & TawkTo. These two tools are very easy to integrate with your website. Learn from Youtube or google articles about their installation. Whatsapp Business is an advance whatsapp, especially for business purposes and twak.to is live customer service providing tool. One more important thing is good Logistics Service. The recommended Courier Service Platforms are- Dash101, Pickrr, Nimbuspost etc.
  4. Research Tool: Now you are all set to scale your business. It is the time to research, implement & scale your ecommerce business. How to do this job properly & what is the need of it, you must know if you are doing proper ecommerce business. There are many research tools in the internet. But, you need to pick the best ones. The recommended tools are- (a) Keywords Everywhere, Google Keyword planner (Keyword research tools). (b) I search from (Search Research tools) (c) Ubersuggest (Backlink research tool) (d) Facebook Audience Research tool (NerdlySolutions)
  5. Analytics Tool: Please go to google and learn about these Visitor Analytics tools that are being named (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel Analytics, Jetpack Analytics). These tools are available for free and comes with the existing services. If you are using woocommerce or shopify there should be inbuilt Analytics like Jetpack. Using these tools you can build a funnel to drive sales in your website. Potential products, potential customers & potential web pages are targeted factors in your website. That’s why you need to land the right customers at the right landing pages.
  6. Business Managing Software: Too many times managing your business gets in the way of growing your business. We’ve all been there – and it just gets more annoying the larger you grow. These tools can help you manage your time, finances, people, channels, and even competitive analysis. (a) Learn to make Google Sheets more & more for proper calculations. (b) Initially use Free Web Software (BrightBook, Google sheets), and by the time you grow make a ERP Software from verified developer as per your requirements. More things you need to do, to automate your sales channel by integrating some awesome tools. (i.e. ApiWay). Using ApiWay you can integrate woocommerce and google sheets, shopify & google sheets, google sheets & facebook, gamil and google sheets and many more things for free.
  7. Google Services: You are running a successful E-Commerce business over google services. So, you need to know and use some tools to utilize them. SEO, Google Product Feed, Google Drive, Google professional mail, Google tag manager, Google speed checker, Google AdSense etc. are the very needful services that you can use. If, you are using wordpress then you must have the SEO Plugin like Yoast SEO. And for shopify install the app “Plug in SEO“. There are some good Free apps for SEO in shopify, you can use them.
  8. Professional photo editing Software: To boost interest in your products and drive more sales, you can use Adobe Photoshop to create professional-grade product images to insert throughout your website. Professional photo editing can also help build trust and legitimacy for your ecommerce business. You also can use Canva, Canva is a good tool to use if you have little or no experience using a more robust tool like Photoshop. To drive more engagement on your social media channels, you can use Canva to create compelling images and graphics that relate to your products or business.
  9. Professional CPanel: All things are depended on your web performance. So, do not compromise with your Hosting Cpanel. There are some useful tools by default. (i.e. image compressor, thumbnail regenerator, mail funneling, File manager etc.). Must use good hosting like Bluehost, Godaddy, SiteGround etc.
  10. Referral Program: Lastly you have to generate more profit from your website through referral program, affiliate program & digital wallet. Some recommended tools are- Referralcandy & TeraWallet. To drive more sales you can offer coupon codes to your customers.

Now can trigger your sales channel to scale and build an identity step by step. You business needs automation & error free system to expand exponentially. More things you can configure in your website, that are OTP login system, Auto messaging, Auto mailing, Auto shipment etc. Now, Implement & integrate all of those technologies & tools you have, Thus you can make basic to pro ecommerce business setup – then scale your ecommerce business for free.