How to Ship Products From India to Another Country

Use Fully Automated Shipping Solution to manage your orders is challenge for ecommerce businessmen. If You are planning to ship from India to USA, you have various options for shipping solution. Remember this is not a drop shipping model.

Different Stages for Ecommerce From India To USA

  1. Import: Firstly you have to import products that you want to sell
  2. Stock: Stock those products to your warehouse
  3. Manage: Manage those stocks with proper bar code
  4. Generate Sells: Bring orders to your platform or website.
  5. Labeling, Invoicing & Payment Proof: Now you need to prepare label, Invoice & the payment proof. Payment proof & Invoice will go within the product in the parcel and the label will be attached on the parcel.
  6. Packing & Branding: Packing should be good and protected; you should have a branding on the parcel.
  7. Handover to Shipping Provider: After completing all the steps you will go for shipping providers.

Available Best Shipping Providers

  1. India Post
  2. DHL
  3. Shiprocket or another Platforms

Shipping Costs

  • India post is the cheapest solution for shipments
  • DHL service is good enough & moderate costs
  • Shiprocket or other platforms are very expansive


  • India post: It has a Manual process to ship a parcel. After packing the parcel with the above procedure, you need to go to India Post office, then You have to fill up a custom form & attach with the parcel. Next procedure will be done by the post masters.
  • DHL: Go To DHL official website then apply for International shipping service & Submit the form given there. Then they will contact back you later.
  • Shiprocket / Another: Go & register on the particular platform. After activating the dashboard you will be able to ship products via existing courier.

Note: Shipping costs depend on two variables: time in hand, volume of the goods & weight of goods. The best and the most convenient option is to use particular shipping platforms. Pick up will be done from your place, and need minimum documentation. But, Cost will be high as compared to other options.