Learning LIMITED – Overcome Strategy – 2021

An ad set becomes learning limited when it is unlikely to receive around 50 optimization events in the week (7 day click – 1day view) after your last significant edit. This diagnosis can happen any time after 24 hours of your creating an ad set or making a significant edit to an existing Ad Set.


Basically an ad set becomes ‘learning limited’ when the ad set is limited by – small audience size, -low budget, -low bid or -cost control, – infrequent optimization event such as running too many ads at the same time. Whereas a tooltip (Edit Ad Set) will appear when you hover over the learning limited status.

Read From Facebook Article.

Let’s see the ways to fix ‘learning limited’ ad sets to improve performance.

There Are 3 phase of an Ad set: 1- Leaning; 2- Learning Limited; 3- Active
  • In Learning phase Your Ad set may Perform Well in Conversion Window. (Do not edit Ad Set During This phase)
  • In Learning Limited phase Your Ad Set lose the performance. (Do not Burn your budget In this phase)
  • In Active phase Your Ad Set Starts to get consistent data From Your Facebook Pixel. (Try to Optimize Ad Budget Only)

If a learning limited or learning ad set receives 50 optimization events since your last significant edit, it will move from learning limited to active.


  1. Try to Combine Similar ads sets and campaigns
  2. Expand your audience (65+)
  3. Raise your budget (Increase by 20%)
  4. Raise your bid or cost control
  5. Do not Change your optimization event more frequently

Always Learning Limited isn’t a bad thing

Some ad sets my always be Learning Limited because you may be retargeting as small audience or your cost per action is naturally higher than the budget you want to spend. But, if you are getting the right results for you, don’t always pay attention to what Facebook says that you should do.

Overcome Calculation for Purchase Conversions:

A Facebook Ad set takes minimum 24 to 36 hours to turn into learning limited condition. So, You have to make plan to bring 50 conversions within that time. Tips & Framework for “Ad Set Budget Optimization” ;

  • Test Multiple Audience & Ad Sets to find the best performing results within 24 hours.
  • Test Attribution Settings “1 day click” or “7 day click – 1day view” & notice which is performing best for you.
  • Discover & Select Best performing Ads Set, duplicate this & Close the Previous.
  • Schedule The run time at 12.00 AM (00.00) & Publish the campaign.
  • If Your Cost Per Purchase (CPP) is equal to 80.00 rupees then Set the budget 4000.00 rupees per day (80*50=4000.00) & Monitor your results in first 6.00 hours (Minimum 2 Purchases) then in 12.00 hours (minimum 6 purchases) next in 18.00 hours (Minimum 20 Purchases). If your ad set meets around 2+6+20=28 Purchases, then let it be continued to 36.00 hours.
  • After Meeting the 50 Conversion, You Can increase or decrease the ad set budget by 20% (At Mid-night)

Many Advertisers are using this method for low & mid-ticket items to generate Conversions in India.

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