Successful Facebook AD Making Strategy for Purchase Conversion in India

Facebook marketing is very easy marketing, basically in e-commerce. but it needs calculative investment.

Facebook has over approximately 1.5 billion daily active users, so to productively reach an ideal customer, here you should make proper planned & strategies to drive sales.

If you run a Facebook Ads for an eCommerce store without any preparation, that will not generate more sales and you may face a heavy loss. To run a profitable Ad campaign on Facebook, it’s necessary to update with the latest eCommerce ads strategies.

Let’s dive in a proper ad strategy which should be implemented in e-commerce ads.

Pro Ad Types For Conversion

There are 3 basic ad types.

  1. Video Ad: Make a video of your product that you want to sell. Video duration should be within 30 – 45 sec. Make the video according to customer’s mindset. Minimum time-span of a customer in a video is 10 sec. So, You Need to hook your customer in first 5 to 10 sec in that video. Then, you have to describe the Benefits of your product in next 10 to 20 sec. Now, it’s time to tell the feature of that product in the next 10 sec. And the final part is “Call To Action”. Tell your customer to purchase that particular Product. Note: Use nice graphics and meaningful text or clear voice-over & comfortable music in the video. & And must use watermark. (Video: 1080*1080) = (1:1) Recommended
  2. Single Image Ad: Design An attractive image of your product in a meaningful way. Must use high quality Image. (Image: 1080px*1080px)
  3. Carousel Ad: Design attractive images of your product or products, in a meaningful way. Must use high quality Image. Remember that same type of niche products should have in a carousel ad for multiple products. And All customer should be landed in the ‘Single Product Page’ for each product. (Images: 1080px*1080px)

Note: Multiple Text Optimization, is the key feature for hooking a customer. It helps to optimize each ad for the respective target audience by using different text combinations with meaningful emojis.

  • Write Corresponding texts in “Primary Text Section” with meaningful emojis.
  • Do not Forget to Change Call to Action in “Shop Now”
  • Write Proper Heading & Description during making the ads.

Ads Key Words for Eye catching: Some Key texts are very important & suggested for using in the facebook ads. (Some are Given Below)

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Delivery
  • All India Delivery
  • Fast Delivery
  • Best Customer Support
  • WhatsApp Support etc…. etc….

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