Top Ecommerce Platforms Comparison

An E-commerce platform is a platform that is organized by a system, in which way a customer can place an order (COD/Pre-Paid) in a customize way and the seller can receive & manage the order into it. There are various types of user friendly platforms in the internet. But, as a seller or ecommerce businessman, you need yo choose the right one and mostly permit your knowledge. In this is article, we can understand the basic differences of those ecommerce platforms. Let’s see three points to understand better.

1. Why they are top 5? 2. Comparison & Rating 3. Recommendation

  1. The top 5 ecommerce platforms are – Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, SquareSpace and these platforms are the best for their user satisfactions in the internet wide. We can understand better in the next point.
  2. Read the all factors, then you can select the best one for your ecommerce business. All the platforms are arranged below by real time experts rating.
    • Shopify: Good (Fastest Loading, Zero Coding Knowledge, One-Click Installation, Good Numbers Of Apps, Easy Troubleshooting) and Not Good (Weak SEO, Costly Apps, Setup charges may be high, less customizable)
    • WooCommerce: Good (Best For SEO, One-Click Installation, Good Loading Speed, Lots of Customizations, Huge service providers) and Not Good (Hosting Setup can be complicated, Difficult to troubleshoot, Need lots of extension, Coding knowledge may require)
    • Magento: Good (Rich Features, One-Click Apps installation, Good SEO) and Not Good (Requires Development Skills, Easily Slowed Down, Costly Themes)
    • BigCommerce: Good (Flexible & Scalable, Strong SEO, One-Click Selling) and Not Good (Excel Complicacy, High Volume, No constant loading speed)
    • SquareSpace: Good (Easy to set up, Great & simple store, Beautiful templets) and Not Good (Limited Ecommerce Integration, Limited Support, not so much visibility)
  3. Many of users are using WooCommerce & lots of users are recommending Shopify. Now, You have to decide your option. If Your are ok with coding(moderate) or you have very tiny fund with you then definitely go for WOOCOMMERCE, otherwise you can go for SHOPIFY. It is hereby recommended you to use WOOCOMMERCE for a very startup to reduce risk factors.