Weight Dispute Management in ShipRocker – Zero Weight Discrepancy

Weight discrepancy is an issue that arises while shipping parcels with courtier companies. Often weight discrepancy arises when the shipper mentions the true or dead weight of the parcel during the processing of a shipment, On the other hand, the courier company prefers to charge the shipper based on the volumetric weight of the parcel.


Weight DISCREPANCY arises because –

  1. Shipper Entered Wrong Weight of the Parcel

2. Shipped Entered Higher Volume Of the parcel

3. Volumetric weight & Entered Weight Mismatched

4. No Proper Packaging for the parcel

5. Wrong Weight Freezing

If you do not agree with the charged amount against your order’s weight, you can raise a dispute for it at ShipRocket. This is called a weight discrepancy and it arises when the courier partner charges a higher amount for your shipment based on the weight.

At ShipRocket, the amount for your order is charged based on its dead weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher.

To raise a dispute:

  • Go to Billing → Weight Reconciliation
  • Under the tab Actions you can find an option Dispute.  Click on it to raise a dispute. A new form will pop up. Fill the information required in it and then click submit.
  • Dimension image, Weight image & Product image should be clear & Proper.

If You Want Zero Weight DISCREPANCY, then follow the steps:

  1. Open ShipRocket Dashboard.
  2. Look at the option “Weight Panel” in the left side bar.
  3. Select “Weight Freeze”.
  4. Click on “Request Weight Freeze”. (Your Inventory should be fetched in shiprocket panel)
  5. Fill the form according to the product & submit it.

After the verification process, your Weight Freeze Status will be Accepted. Then You will get Zero Weight Dispute in future for the particular product. {Sample image below:}